“Med Pot Business, enter at own risk”, Nevada State Med Board to Docs article

Doctors in Nevada are being warned that involvement in the medi-pot business is “at their own peril,” because it is in violation of federal law, marijuana is classified as a Schedule I drug, it has not been evaluated and approved by the Food and Drug Administration, it lacks accepted safety standards for use, and has a high potential for abuse.
This should cause doctors to seriously consider their involvement in the MMJ business.
More details can be found in the actual advisory opinion which is linked below. Monte Stiles

State med board to docs: We won’t stop you from getting into med pot business, but enter at your own risk

Submitted by jon.ralston on Tue, 06/17/2014 – 17:45

The state Board of Medical Examiners has issued an advisory opinion to licensed doctors who get into the medical marijuana business that says they enter “at their own legal peril.”

No prohibition from entering the business from the board, but plenty of trap doors outlined in the opinion: Violations of federal law, and possible discipline for failing to disclose salient information to patients.

“Board licensees act at their own legal peril as a shareholder, officer or managing member of any medical marijuana cultivation facility, dispensary or other establishment or entity authorized under NRS Chapter 453A,” the opinion says. “Accordingly, all licensees of the Board are encouraged to consult with their own legal counsel to explore all possible legal and/or criminal implications of such actions and/or relationships.”
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