Distracted Driver DEMO

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Distracted Driving

Each day, more than 15 people are killed and more than 1,200 people are injured in crashes that were reported to involve a distracted driver.1 Distracted driving is driving while doing another activity that takes your attention away from driving; these activities can increase the chance of a motor vehicle crash. (CDC website)

Our Distracted Driver Demo was a result of our Chair Person, Brad Fincher, recently losing his mom to a distracted driver. Our Demo was for all ages, since we all contribute to distracted driving in more ways than we realize.  It offered us a chance to talk about this growing trend of people using their cell phone while driving and even worst texting while driving.

We partnered up with Right of Way Driving School, owner & instructor, Sam Leigh, joined our booth and added some great ideas to engage our community members. Did you know, if you are driving 60 MPH, you travel 90 feet per second?  Sam chalked a 100′ line in front of our booth and asked people to text their last text. We calculated their speed and explained the distance they would have traveled while texting and not looking at the road. It really made a lasting impact on those we talked to.

Take the No Phone Zone Pledge for your safety and ours!

Distracted Driver Demo included texting info by Sam Leigh.

Remote Control Cars used for our Distracted Driver Demo!

Texting and Driving: A Crash Course [INFOGRAPHIC]mashable.comTexting and driving is a dangerous combination — but people do it anyway. This infographic sheds some light.


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