Drug Education Programs

One of our goals is to help support drug education for our schools, public and private. Through generous donations and grants we are able to bring new and interesting programs to support the school’s curriculum. We welcome any donations and volunteer time you want to offer these endeavors! Thank you!

We had a successful experience September 12, 2012  for 6th-9th graders at public schools and all grades for Spring Street International School. 

Thank our sponsors: Islanders Bank, Sweet Retreat, The Mullis Family and San Juan Island Prevention Coalition. And, FH Presbyterian Church for use of your space!

Choice & Consequence™

Our mission is to educate youth about the consequences of their health behaviors. We show the benefits of choosing wisely using real human organs and empower audiences of all ages to make positive health choices.


Very real hands-on experience!

Fragile human brain and liver help to educate our youth on health behaviors.

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