As you know, volunteers come in all shapes and size! And, even from the smallest time commitment to the more involved offers of time and energy, everyone’s help is needed and appreciated!

We need community members that want to support our mission. If you want to help there are many opportunities to get involved. Do you want to help bring drug education programs for Island Youth? Help us at our Fair Booth in August? Perhaps, have an idea you’d like to make happen that fits our mission? Give us a call:)

Please call us today to get involved in our community! 360-370-7516

Jane Buck volunteers to creates a fabulous setting for our African Community Dinner and Drum Event.

Volunteer, Alice Hibberd, assists with Youth Leadership Summit in 2012 with Kenya Masala. Volunteers help support our many programs, we can’t do it alone. Do it for the kids!

Want to volunteer with your kids? Start now!

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