Initiative 502: A Risky Proposition! Legalization of Marijuana


Get the Facts. Should WA Legalize Marijuana?

The SJI Prevention Coalition board members have these 3 key points to address on this important issue:

1. Marijuana impairs function and learning and is habit forming.

2. I-502 will increase availability and use by adults and youth.

3. Like alcohol and tobacco, legalization of marijuana will increase social costs.

As a rebuttal:  further explanatory info/data that leads us to believe that jails are not full because of arrests for marijuana.

Look at our past history in our society with our alcohol and cigarette use in American youth (anyone under 21). Past behavior is a great indicator of future behavior. Do you really think our society can regulate marijuana any better for the best outcome of our youth? Who stands to benefit the most from this Initiative 502 passing anyway? 

How’s that Initiative 1183 working for you? Do you really save money on your alcohol purchases like was promised? Do our youth have access to more outlets for getting their hands on alcohol with the passing of I-1183? Where is the balance?

Facts about marijuana for teens from NIDA (National Institute on Drug Abuse)

Marijuana is addictive.

Marijuana sucks the motivation right out of you.

Marijuana affects your brain.

Marijuana affects your self-control.

Marijuana affects your lungs when smoked.

Marijuana affects other aspects of your health

Marijuana is not always what it seems.

Look around, kids, you may know people that are pot smokers. Some that smoke weed everyday. Can you honestly say that you don’t see how marijuana has affected them? Do they still live at home with their parents, and they are adults? Do they have a good job? Do these people also smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol in excess? Do they have problems with forgetfulness or keeping their commitments? The new science supports that marijuana affects the brain.

For our youth out there, write a letter to your local newspapers, take a stand for your future. Secondhand and thirdhand smoke kills, too! 

NEWLY ADDED: Contrary to what baby boomers believe, marijuana is addictive and voters should reject Initiative 502 to legalize it, according to guest columnists Robert DuPont and Andrea Barthwell.

Marijuana’s Lasting Effects on the Brain | National Institute on Drug Abuse

Want to Know More?— Some FAQs about Marijuana | National Institute on Drug Abuse

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Marijuana Smokers Face Rapid Lung Destruction — As Much As 20 Years Ahead Of Tobacco Smokers

Smoking Pot at an Early Age May Impair Brain Function – ABC News

Just because they are proposing to make marijuana legal doesn’t make it safe.

This glass of vodka pictured below, cooks slowly a raw egg that was dropped into it. Why? Like our brains, this raw egg has immature proteins, as we continue to grow and develop into our twenties this immature protein makes us more likely to get addicted at a young age if we smoke pot, cigarettes or do other drugs. Look into the science of addiction, our growing brains have the most to lose!


Immature proteins in our brain make us more likely to become addicted to drugs and alcohol (even marijuana) while we grow and develop into our twenties.

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