FHMS/FHHS Youth Leadership Summit

Courage, Commitment and Communication are all skills that are strengthened during this Summit. The youth really stepped up and made real connections. They should feel proud:)

The San Juan Island Prevention Coalition supports our local schools, public and private, offering these powerful leadership sessions are priceless.

Upcoming 9th graders are treated to a day of learning by our leadership team! Upcoming seniors are selected to work with Kenya Masala, rhythm facilitator, and Cynthia Stark-Wickman, coordinator of the SJIPC. This full day begins with a free breakfast, always the kids favorite, and icebreaker games breakdown barriers and then the real learning can begin! At the end of the day many students feel a sense of community, belonging to a common goal, the idea of creating a culture that honors each other for who they are, to be accepted for your uniqueness, & to celebrate being a part of the whole!

It takes courage to lead a group, especially in this non-verbal exercise that Kenya Masala facilitates.

Playing the Brain Game, passing a thought while simulating the use of marijuana. The props used help to show the “effects” of marijuana on the brain! Think it’s easy? Think again…with repeated use, it became more and more difficult.

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