What is a Prevention Coalition?  Coalitions are the cornerstones of creating successful change within a community. They represent an array of local interests and bring together organizations and individuals to build a power base that works to influence social change of a mutual concern. (SJIPC focus is reducing substance abuse in youth and building collaboration in our community for healthy choices.)

Coalitions come in a variety of forms including permanent or temporary, single or multi-issue. A well-organized, broad based coalition will be successful in creating policy change, increasing public knowledge, creating a network and development of innovative solutions to complex problems.

The tools and resources that follow are designed to help you develop and sustain a coalition of individuals and organizations that will create change in your community by working together. Prevention – Coalition Building (above definition from this link).  They really captured the essences of a good coalition and offer some ideas we all could pull from.

How do I join in? At any time, you may contact our Executive Coordinator, Cynthia Stark-Wickman, and ask to be a part of the team! It’s that easy. Call 360-378-9683 or email at prevention@centurytel.net

You can serve in many ways! There are vacancies from time to time for the various boards we have. We need volunteers to help organize events, write articles, make flyers, help set-up at functions and in general, support the mission of the SJIPC. Have an idea you want to run with? Call us!

Local youth from San Juan County have been actively involved in policy change for the better of their communities. Teddy M. wins National Award for Outstanding Youth Leadership from CADCA in Washington DC.

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