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Why donate to a program that received federal, state or local funds?

The San Juan Island Prevention Coalition operates under the umbrella of the San Juan County Department of Health and Community Services.

Coalition coordinator Cynthia Stark-Wickman describes the coalition as “a huge community mobilization effort.”

As you may know, the SJIPC  helps coordinate such events as the alcohol-free, all-ages New Year’s Eve party at Mullis Community Senior Center, the Project Grad Night celebration for high school seniors, and the mock DUI drill — entitled “Every 15 Minutes” — on the high school football field. Also, provide funds for school curriculum such as Life Skills. supports the Prevention Intervention Specialist at FHMS/FHHS. Works closely with our local schools and administrators to provide support, as needed, with the Healthy Youth Survey and collaborating with other Coalition members that can give their expertise for training or educating on prevention topics, to name a few…

The SJIPC is also trying to change attitudes of acceptance or indifference about underage drinking and substance abuse.

SJIPC has helped in the past to ensure store clerks are well-versed in procedures that apply to alcohol and tobacco sales, and that it intends to replicate that effort over the next five years for those who work in local bars and restaurants where alcohol is served.

Members of the SJIPC are also aware there’s an end to Drug-Free Communities funds. (We reached that in 2014) Community coalitions no longer qualify for Drug-Free Communities grants after 10 years and, as is the case with the Orcas Island Prevention Partnership today, they are on their own for funding after that. We have completed  our Federal funding in 2014. We now apply annually for State funding, but as you may know, these funds are limited.

If you want to see these amazing programs, events and the “behind the scenes” policy making changes we’ve made to continue, in our community, we need your support! 

The SJI Prevention Coalition works together for a common purpose. We are a non-profit 501-C3 organization that is run by a volunteer board of 15 community leaders representing an array of sectors among the community’s social and health systems. The goals of the coalition are to reduce substance abuse among youth; and to establish and strengthen collaboration among the community, creating a community culture supporting healthy choices and responsible behaviors to prevent and reduce substance abuse among youth.


Youth Leadership Training, we take a group of local youth annually to State and National Leadership Training, so they can learn the new skills to make the positive change, they see needed in their schools and community, it’s a wonderful pay it forward model.

These programs with travel costs, often run $300-$1000 per student, depending on the location and the length of the training conference. In addition, we need to include their team advisors, too. These are community members, part of the SJIPC, who return and help mentor these youth as they complete their prevention projects.

You’re support is appreciated! Youth Leadership training is a Hallmark of the SJIPC for over 10 years! The young lives we have helped shape and provide real life skills to, is incredible. We want to continue this goal… Would you consider helping?

You may send your tax deductible donations to:

The San Juan Island Prevention Coalition,

 P.O. Box 562                                                                            

Friday Harbor, WA. 98250

You’ll be glad you did! We will continue to build community through our commitment to our mission! Thank you!

Your support is needed and appreciated!


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