Summer Youth Activities Resource Page

Summertime is here!

Calendar 2014 FINAL-small  <—- LINK for our last copy, 2014 Calendar, click on it for your free copy. The RESOURCE PAGE offers year round ideas to keep youth engaged, too. LINK—->Summer Calendar insert on going programs 2015 Often the same organizations will continue year-to-year, Give them a Call!

Our Summer Youth Activities Calendar had grown to over 6 pages last year and we hope you’ll find it has helped to keep your youth engaged through the years. Having offered this free resource for over 7 years now, we feel we have built capacity, and you have a good idea of the activities out there now:) And, due to budget cuts, we will not be producing a new calendar at this time. (See the free copy of last year’s calendar, use it as a reference for this year.) As you know, many of these organizations continue year-to-year, so you can call in advance to reserve your space. That being said, we will maintain a Free Resource Page, see link above, keeping all these contacts together in one place, so should you need them, you may click on the link and print it out or look at it anytime… Have a great summer!Remember, keep those kiddos engaged in interesting and fun activities to help them bust the boredom factor! Scholarships are available to many programs, so don’t let the cost be a factor.



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