Town Hall Community Discussions

Living in a small community offers us the opportunity to get to know each other quicker than living in a big city. Although, we might not always be talking about the tough issues all people face, yes, even those of us living in this island paradise aren’t immune to the pressures of life.

Our Town Hall and Community Discussions give us a place to open the conversation up for all stakeholders to comment on. We are grateful to the community members that take the time to come out and be involved in the process of making positive change, especially on these tough issues revolving around substance abuse in youth and adults.

Recently, our San Juan County Youth Council organized a Town Hall Community Discussion on alcohol and it’s effects on minors. These youth are interested in the facts and need our support to make healthy choices. Think about how you can offer your support of any youth in your life to make it easier for them to stay drug and alcohol free. Thank you!

Our San Juan County Youth Council organize this Town Hall Discussion on alcohol and affects on youth. We had some great conversations!


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