New WA. State Distracted Driving Laws go into effect July 23, 2017

Our SJIPC Chair and San Juan County Probation Officer, Brad Fincher, shares “Essentially the new infractions for distracted driving become more broadly defined to make it easier for law enforcement to write tickets and keep people safer out on our roads. The old laws were repealed to pave the way for new.”

Attached are the AOC law table updates related to the 2017 Legislative Session.

Of interest may be the new traffic infractions created in SSB 5289 DISTRACTED DRIVING–ELECTRONIC DEVICES–DANGEROUSLY DISTRACTED DRIVING.  Until the State Code Reviser had codified the new laws, the session law number will be used in the law table:


Effective Date

Session Law Number



Total Penalty Amount

July 23, 2017


Per Electronic Device While Driving

Traffic Infraction


July 23, 2017


Per Electronic Dev Drive 2nd/Subseq

Traffic Infraction


July 23, 2017


Drive Dangerously Distracted

Traffic Infraction



Once the above laws are codified, this message will be updated with the RCW number information.


The RCWs below were repealed in SSB 5289 and will be end dated July 22, 2017:
46.61.667(1)(a) Cell Phone Use While Driving Repealed
46.61.667(1)(b) CMV Cell Phone Use While Driving Repealed
46.61.668(1)(a) Text Messaging While Driving Repealed
46.61.668(1)(b) CMV Text Messaging While Driving Repealed



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