Letter to Parents and Guardians about Underage Use of Marijuana


January 2015

Dear Parent and/or Guardian,

As you know, you are the most powerful influence in your child’s life.  As this new year gets under way, our thoughts turn to sustaining a healthy community and keeping our children safe as they grow into their full potential.

Today, we come to you with concerns regarding the recent passage and implementation of Initiative 502 (I-502), the Legalization of Marijuana for Recreational Use.  It is important that we, as parents and community members, fully understand the health and legal issues associated with underage use of marijuana.

We have enclosed a brochure with clear and concise insights into many of the issues associated with underage use of marijuana.  Please read it and keep it in a prominent place for easy reference and talk about it with your son(s) and daughter(s).

It’s our job to keep our kids safe.  Let’s all work together to end underage use of marijuana in our community.

San Juan Island Prevention Coalition          
Friday Harbor, WA  98250
Telephone 360.378.9683 
Board of Trustees :
Brad Fincher, Chair, Adult Probation, San Juan County District Court
Michael Baird, Treasurer , Compass Health
Boyd Pratt, Recording Secretary, Citizen, Civic Organizations
Gail Leschine-Seitz, Corresponding Sec., WSU-4H, Parent Friday Harbor Middle School
Sam Leigh, Trustee, Right of Way Driving School
Joyce Sobel, Trustee , Northwest Early Learning Consortium
Mark Tompkins, Trustee, Health & Community Services, Director
Amara Zee, Trustee. Counselor, Friday Harbor Middle School
The above Trustees are the Executive Board
Court Bell, Trustee, Retired SJISD Principal, Consultant
Sammy Finch, Trustee, Helping Out Teen Society, FHHS, Youth
Ron Krebs, Trustee, Sheriff, San Juan County
Rick Thompson, Trustee, San Juan Island School District, Superintendent
Sally Thomsen, Trustee, San Juan Island Parks and Rec, Director
Carrie Unpingco, Trustee, San Juan Island Community Foundation
Rita Weisbrod, Trustee, Evaluator
Cynthia Stark-Wickman, M. Ed       Executive Coordinator                  Office located at 520 Spring St.

The mission of San Juan Island Prevention Coalition is to strengthen community collaboration to prevent and reduce substance abuse among youth.





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