Denver County Fair up in smoke? What, no beirgarten?

“So much for family fun at the fair. Denver County fair organizers have opted to make a pot pavilion the focal point of their upcoming event, continuing the trend of making Colorado the Disneyland of tokerr.” Monte Stiles

Denver County Fair Doubles Size of Pot Pavilion

Beer is out and weed is in. For the first time in American history, marijuana will infiltrate the lungs of summer socialites in attendance at the Denver County Fair, while those with plans to attend a more traditional beer garden will be lost in a cloud of smoke.

This is because fair organizers recently made the decision to eliminate plans for a Beer Pavilion and instead, have opted to double the size of the event’s first-ever Pot Pavilion, which fair director Dana Cain told Denver Westword will encompasses the entire “over-21 floor.”

Earlier this year, coordinators of the Denver County Fair riled up the nation with their plans to incorporate a Pot Pavilion into this year’s event. Almost immediately, the idea of stoners in face paint riding around on farm animals caused almost every media outlet in the nation to report on the story. However, the majority was saddened to learn, especially the stoner class, that while the toker’s tent would host a variety of competitions and events, organizers had no plans of permitting the consumption of marijuana.

Unfortunately, that aspect of the fair has not changed — patrons will not be allowed to consume marijuana in the Pot Pavilion, which is the focal point of this year’s event. And although organizers have nixed plans for a full-blown beirgarten, they insist people will still be able to purchase plenty of craft brew. “The beer is ramping up. Not as much as we thought and wanted, but there will be more beer and more varieties for sampling and for purchase,” said Cain.

Fair organizers say the decision to eradicate the beer pavilion was brought on more so due to hassles with the liquor license rather than a bias to towards their preferred feel good substance of choice. However, they say they are extremely optimistic for how the pot pavilion will be received when the fair gets underway on August 1.

Mike Adams writes for stoners and smut enthusiasts in HIGH TIMES, Playboy’s The Smoking Jacket and Hustler Magazine.

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