Day of Caring Event at the Village at the Harbour

The United Way of San Juan County supports the San Juan Island Prevention Coalition’s Youth Leadership Initiative and Challenge program annually.  This funding is critical to continue our positive impact with youth, growing children and teens who are empowered to lead the way into a bright future for us all.

One of the ways we give back to United Way is by participating in their annual Day of Caring event which gathers folks from all the organizations who benefit from United Way’s support.  At this event, teams of volunteers complete tasks that help community members throughout the County.  This year the Day of Caring event became “extended” when Alice Hibberd, representing the San Juan Island Prevention Coalition, volunteered her skills at the Village at the Harbour.

Alice came to the “game hour” three times Thanksgiving week to learn from and share some old tricks with the dear residents who look forward to playing bingo and other games each day.  The residents thoroughly enjoy bingo as it is a steady part of their routine.  Alice remembered how her mother looked forward to bingo when she and her father were volunteers for the local fire company in Brick, N.J. where she grew up.  She also remembered how important card games were in her own family.  Her mother, grandmothers and aunts played cards regularly and all the kids learned, too.  So, to stir things up at “game hour”, Alice brought in a jumbo deck of cards (easy for residents to use), a deck Alice uses for team building activities through the SJIPC’s Challenge program.  Adapting the old fashioned card games of “Concentration” and “Go Fish” so residents could relax into and enjoy some new challenges, the group gained a sense of “team” as they helped each other while learning together.  Alice was tickled to see the smiles of joy, hear some fun teasing between friends, and watch folks “lean on each other” for support as needed.  Just like games and activities used in the SJIPC Challenge program, these simple card games became inspiration for growth and teamwork with residents at the Village at the Harbour. Young at Heart!

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