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Some Good Legislation Stuck–Advocacy Matters Now


Good news–there are several good bills that are moving through the legislature and will help substance abuse prevention efforts in Washington. However, many of these are “stuck” and need your support now.


Please go to Votility, our platform for prevention advocates, and login (or create a new confidential account) and consider “one click” advocacy and helping end the logjam that has some good legislation hung up:


Link to Votility:


WASAVP would like to thank all the prevention advocates for their work to date as several bills supported by the prevention community are “still alive.”


Let’s not give up now, we have a good chance for some “wins” this session!



SSB 5915 is a piece of legislation that would require fiscal reports on bills to take into account the cost of not passing legislation and the financial ripple effect they would have on some human services–something that would be beneficial to prevention and other sectors, like our mental health partners. Advocates can comment to their Senators about 5915 in Votility, and also please check here to see the members of the Senate Rules Committee where the bill is “stuck” and needs to be passed out of committee. (These Senators are key–are you in their district?)

Join our discussion list to connect with prevention professionals. Please click here to sign up.

The Athena Forum is another great resource for prevention professionals to develop, update, and sustain their substance abuse prevention work.

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