WA. State Prevention Summit is coming!

Some of our San Juan Island youth are gearing up for this powerful opportunity to gain new skills and confidence in presentation and project building concepts for community change as they participate in 3 days of workshops and service projects at the Washington State Prevention Summit in Yakima this October.

In addition, they will get to hear directly from one of our own local island youth from Lopez, Teddy McCullough, who will be a presenter at this year’s summit! Way to go Teddy!

As you may know, Teddy is currently in college in Washington DC, and has shown a deep commitment to serving his community from an early age. Teddy has written legislation and testified before the state legislature on prevention issues, and currently serves the country by working for the White House! Teddy is an impressive role model for today’s young people. (Teddy, we’ll see you in Yakima soon:)

We are excited to hear from him as well as other insightful and dynamic speakers at the summit. Watch for more good news from these young people, they are taking action by getting involved!


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