Summit sparks idea to help with Suicide Prevention in Schools

The car ride home from the WA State Prevention Summit in Yakima often gives our youth prevention teams a chance to reflect on what they’ve learned and to look at ways they will return to our community and help create positive change. This year’s car ride was no different as the Rock Solid youth spoke of wanting to help with Suicide Prevention at the FHMS and FHHS. This was also a great opportunity to collaborate with our prevention peers in HOTS Jr. (Helping Out Teens Society) at FHMS.

The youth have begun to assemble a wallet size Suicide Prevention pamphlet from SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) along with a Post It Note they created with a positive message, “We (heart) You”  with some local teen hotlines and chat lines for youth in crisis. They will attach a mini candy cane as they will be handing these out the week before the Christmas Break.

The San Juan Island Prevention Coalition supports our island youth by investing in them with youth leadership training opportunities, as we help them grow and achieve new skills and confidence, they return to our community with a passion for sharing their new knowledge and wanting to help create a healthier community. We are proud of the give back these youth are engaged in. Watch for more amazing prevention efforts as these teams work together to help promote health. Prevention works!

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