SafeSchools Alert: How to Report Bullying or other Safety Concerns at SJISD

We want to thank the San Juan Island School District for setting up this online incident reporting system  where 24/7, you or your child, can report confidentially safety concerns or provide “tips” either by phone, text, email or web. This information can be tracked and give our school administrators a clearer picture of the problems some students face. Please consider being a voice, should you or your child, know of anyone being harassed, intimidated or bullied at school or online. It’s not child’s play…

The link above will offer you more resources, too, on helping to create a safer learning environment for all students. Please take the time to look these resources over.

Did you know?                1 in 3 teens reports being bullied.

           1 in 10 students reports being bullied daily or several times a week.

Let’s help put an end to this behavior and offer everyone a safer learning environment. Thank you!


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