Billboards to hit Seattle…

Starting next week 14 marijuana prevention billboards will post around Seattle with the theme “Talk to Your Kids” with 3 different versions featuring Seattle Children’s Hospital doctors. Here is one. We’ll continue to post the others, too. Talk to your Kids about substance use and abuse. They do listen.

Thanks so much to our partners for making this campaign possible: Seattle City Attorney’s Office, Clear Channel Outdoor, King County Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention Programs, DSHS/DBHR, Central Area Drug Free Communities Coalition, Coalition for Drug Free Youth/Navos, the Prevention WINS Coalition/Children’s Hospital, WAPI Community Services, Healthy King County Coalition, SE Seattle PEACE Coalition, Mercer Island Youth and Family Services, Lao Khmu Community, Rainier Vista Boys and Girls Club, Aki Kurose Middle School (apologies if I forgot anyone!).

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