Arrive Alive Tour coming May 16, 2014 at FHHS

Media Release

The SJI Prevention Coalition is bringing this powerful event to San Juan Island,  As you may know, our Chair, Board of Trustees, Brad Fincher’s mom was killed two years ago by a driver reading a text. So, this public safety issue hits our family personally. We’ve been working with local youth to help get the message out on the dangers of distracted driving by participating in a State Farm grant on Distracted Driving. We all know,  these actions are preventable. We will have the Arrive Alive Tour coming (out front, if weather permits) at FHHS, where students will have the opportunity to try this simulator from 8am-3pm and we’ll have an extra hour from 3pm-4pm open to the public.

We’ve invited local partners and supporters of the SJI Prevention Coalition to come show their support of these important messages, so we’ll have Sam Leigh of Right of Way Driving School, Sheriff Nou, Lainey Volk, EMS and we’ve reached out to Carrie Lacher, Mayor, Town of Friday Harbor and Bob Jarman, County Council member to read a proclamation, respectively to the Town and County Councils, declaring May 16th Distracted Driving Awareness Day for our community. Collectively, we have a much greater impact for the overall good of our community.

We hope by building awareness, drivers of all ages will put their cell phones down while driving. One text or call can wreck it all…


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